Greetings, the internet!

A blog, a blog, another blog.

The internet has more of these than you can shake a cliché at. Of course, clichés are an abstract concept, so you can’t really shake one at anything…

At the moment, this is mostly a way for me to be marginally productive as I, hopefully, recover from my illness. More on that in a later post, maybe. I just want to get into the practice of thinking and writing again. If other people are interested, great! It will feel less like I’m talking to myself.

I’ll probably begin by making short posts about books, games, TV, films and storytelling in general. I also hope to post a few stories of my own, which are cooking slowly at the moment. I tend to gravitate towards the speculative fiction genres. If you’re the sort to dismiss those blindly, this is no place for you!

The quantity and quality of posts should improve with time, as my brain limps out from its long convalescence.


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